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Series 1 Episode 11 11 - "Hiccups", 2004 George gets hiccups when he drinks his juice too quickly, so Peppa tries to cure him.
Series 1 Episode 10 10 - "Gardening", 2004 Peppa and George go to Granny and Grandpa Pig's house and look at their garden.
Series 1 Episode 9 9 - "Daddy Loses his Glasses", 2004 Daddy Pig is a little upset because he's lost his glasses, so Peppa and George try to find them.
Series 1 Episode 8 8 - "Piggy in the Middle", 2004 George runs out to the yard to play with his ball, but does not catch it properly. One-by-One the rest of the family appears and teach him how to catch it...
Series 1 Episode 7 7 - "Mummy Pig at Work", 2004 Peppa and George accidentally break Mummy Pig's computer, so Daddy Pig tries to fix it.